Interview with controversial explorer Tom Avery published in Explorers Journal

The Spring 2009 edition of the Explorers Journal has been published and I’m pleased to say that I managed to interview polar adventurer Tom Avery in this issue. For those who don’t know, Tom sparked off a wave of controversy in 2005 when he replicated Commander Robert E Peary’s 1909 attempt on the North Pole. Popular opinion has it that the American naval man couldn’t have achieved the pole in the 37 days that he claimed and s the credit for being the first man to walk to the North Pole normally goes to Wally Herbert, who arrived there in 1969. Herbert’s claim is not universally accepted as there is a lobby group for Peary among academics, historians and explorers. Avery decided that he would try to replicate Peary’s expedition, and the outcome was that Avery and his team managed the journey in 37 days. So theoretically it was possible that Peary had done it as he had claimed. I met Tom at the Royal Geographical Society and asked him to put his side of the story… the result is what I think is a very interesting interview.

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